• fruehlingspracht
  • paradisea liliastrum
  • visavis kalkschutt
  • alpenrose
  • bankplatz aussicht
  • fernrohr aussicht
  • arnica montana
  • sommerpracht
  • jasmin
  • epilobium fleischeri


In summer the garden is tended by a staff of four assisted by one part-time employee and members of the society.

Team summer 2021

Gartenteam 2016
fltr: Larissa Hofer, Ether Brunner, Jasmin Senn, Paul Brunner, Elsbeth Honegger

Jasmin Senn – Head Gardener

In the Alpine Garden since 2007
Home: Matten, near Interlaken
Favourite flower: Primula
Hobbies: Travelling, nature, sport

Larissa Hofer - Gardener

In the Alpine Garden since 2016
Home: Sigriswil
Favourite flower: Southern butterwort
Hobbies: Nature, travelling, hiking

Elsbeth Honegger – Gardener

elsbeth honegger
In the Alpine Garden since 2013
Home: Naters
Favourite flower: Alpine forget-me-not
Hobbies: Plants, being out and about in the mountains

Paul Brunner – Garden attendant

paul brunner
In the Alpine Garden since 1995
Home: Lauterbrunnen
Favourite flower: Arnica
Hobbies: Experiences with stones, plants, animals and human beings

Esther Brunner – Part-time employee

brunner esther
In the Alpine Garden since 2006
Home: Lauterbrunnen
Favourite flowers: Anemone and columbine
Hobbies: People, nature & animals

Scientific interests are the province of committee member Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer, Professor for Plant Ecology at the University of Bern and his team.