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Latest news from the Alpine Garden


The Alpine Garden is in hibernation and left to the black grouse and mountain hare. The Schynige Platte Railway will be in service  from 15th June 2024.


The Team engraves all plant labels for the Garden on Schynige Platte by using an engraving machine. In autumn the labels go the basement.  


The October seeds will hopefully germinate well im May 2024.   

Clay pots in the Alpine Garden

For our cultivation we only need clay pots that are sunk into the ground. Clay absorbs moisture, plastic does not.  

The miracle of autumn colors

The Alpine Garden now displays its autumn colors and many different seed stems  

Ripe plant seeds

We collect seeds in and around the garden for propagation.

Hay in the garden

If the weather allows the hay is dried and delivered to the wildlife park in Interlaken.

Mowing with the scythe

Scything to maintain species diversity in the garden.It removes organic matter and keeps the soil poor in nutrients.

Weeding in the garden

Weeding to keep the garden in order.

Grass-of-Parnassus is blooming

The Grass-of-Parnassus /Parnassia palustris is blooming beautiful in the garden.

Come and sit down

New wooden benches in our garden!


Our Alpinegarden-Shop has a new interior, discover the different souvenirs!

Orange lily is blooming

The Orange Lily /Lilium bulbiferum ssp bulbiferum is blooming beautiful in the garden.

It crawls and lives...

A picture of the caterpillar of Malacosoma alpicolum (butterfly). The caterpillar prefers to stay on plants of the rosaceae family. 

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