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Flower calendar

In the course of the summer, the entire wealth of Swiss Alpine flora, around 690 different species, can be admired in the garden. The weather has a great effect on the period when a plant flowers. This can vary by two to three weeks, particularly in the Alps; the likelihood of catching a specific plant in bloom is greater at the start oft the indicated period than towards the end.


The meadows of rusty sedge and blue sesleria are now at their most magnificent, dotted with edelweiss, martagon lilies and yellow gentians. Many species of plants are still in full bloom.

C August 1 Gelber Enzian C August 2 Turkenbund C August 3 Grosse Strerndolde
Yellow gentian - Gentiana lutea Martagon lily - Lilium martagon Great masterwort - Astrantia major
C August 4 Rittersporn C August 6 Gelber Fingerhut C August 5 dichtblütiger Eisenhut
Alpine larkspur - Delphinium elatum Yellow foxglove - Digitalis major Aconitum compactum - Aconit compact